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20X40 Canopy Full Draped

20X40 Canopy Full Draped


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Size:Actual tent is 18ft x 40ft, minimum space required is 22ft x 44ft


Set-Up:Tents cannot be setup above any solid objects, bushes, trees, furniture, cars, on second floor decks, dirt or mud. Tents cannot be setup under any overhanging power-lines, tree branches, or overhanging gazebos.

 * We DO NOT set up full draped canopies on dirt *

Anchoring:If tent is setup on grass we will use stakes up to 36in in length to anchor the tent.All utilities and irrigation must be CLEARLY MARKED prior to arrival for tent install.It is clients responsibility to pull any permits. If tent is setup on cement we will use water barrels to anchor the tent. Client must have a water source within 50ft of the setup area. Client must also have adequate drainage for disposal of the water after the event. If water barrels are not able to be used for anchoring please contact our office for an alternative. Additional fees may apply.


20ft x 40ft Draped Tent Includes : 

#1 ; 20ft x 40ft Tent Structure & Tarp

#1 ; Chandelier For Lighting

#1 ; Top Tarp & Draping

#1 ; Back Panel Tarp & Draping

#1 ; Side Swaging To Pole Legs


Tent Has Open Sides 

One Time Installation & Tear Down


Tent Table Layout 

60" Round Tables: 6-8

6ft Rectangular Tables: 7-9

8ft Rectangular Tables: 6-8


Colors Available

  • White 
  • Ivory 
  • Black
  • Gold

High Wind Policy:In the event of extreme weather or high wind we will not be able setup the tent. We will issue a cancellation and raincheck for the tent rental.


We reserve the right to cancel any tent if there is potential risk of injury or damaged.These tents are not a shelter from extreme weather and must be evacuated in the event of high winds.

Please call our office if booking within 2 days. 
(951) 751-5246
Non-refundable Deposit required to book rentals
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