-Rentals are priced for up to a 24 hour rental period (Not including delivery day and pickup day). Each additional day is 50% off.
-Prices are subject to change without notice.
-Pricing on misquotes will not be honored.
-Promo codes, special pricing, promotions and/or package deals can not be combined.
-Promotions can not be applied to existing orders.

-A deposit is required to finalize your reservation.
-NO orders are reserved until deposit is paid. Deposit amount varies.
-All balances will be due before delivery or you can pay the balance using your credit card via payment link on your emailed invoice.
-All major credit cards are accepted.
-We do NOT accept checks (Some exceptions for government organizations and companies).

-A 50% deposit is required to book your order.

-Deposits are non refundable.

Cancellation Policy
-Deposits will be forfeited for any canceled orders. Any additional payments will be held for 365 days as store credit towards any future orders.
- Any deleted items from an order will still be charged, once an order is placed, items cannot be taken off.
-If a large portion of an order is altered it will be considered a canceled order.
-All linens will be subject to a 100% restocking fee if canceled within 7 days prior to your event.
-Orders canceled within 1 day of your delivery date will be subject to a 100% restocking fee.

Delivery and Pick-Ups
- Your items are only reserved for the day of the event.
If items are needed for another event we will contact you and pick them up after your event date/before the next event time.
-All rentals are delivery only.
-Delivery fees may apply.
-Saturday and Sunday rentals are typically delivered Thursday and Friday from 8am-7pm. (Delivery dates and times are subject to availability).
-Saturday/Sunday pickup times are Monday and Tuesday from 8am-7pm
(subject to change without notice)

NOTE: DELIVERY SERVICE HOURS WILL BE EXTENDED IN OUR BUSY SEASON. Our team will inform you if any changes have been made to our delivery and pickup windows.

-No one has to be home for the rentals to be picked up as long as our staff has access to the rentals (Side gate or rentals left on porch).

-An additional fee will apply for time sensitive deliveries and after hours pickups. Time sensitive deliveries and after hours pickups are subject to availability.
-Last minute orders may be subject to a rush order fee.
- If someone needs to be at the deliver/pickup location to allow entry our drivers can only wait 10 minutes after arriving. After, they will continue on their prescheduled route and you will be charged an additional fee(based on the timing and size of the order) to return to the location.

-A additional fee will apply if our delivery crew can not drop off the items in a secure location and as a result need to return to complete the delivery.
-A additional fee will apply if our pickup crew can not pick up the items in a secure location and as a result need to return to complete the pickup.
(reasons for the above may be but are not limited to: no one is home to allow for delivery/pickup, there are cars in the driveway not allowing the crew to deliver/pickup, there are patio or other lounge seating in the place where set up will be)
- If you are unsure of delivery/pickup times please call our office to make sure delivery/pickup can take place without any additional charges

Before delivery
-There is a wide clear path to your desired drop off location.
-Set up space for Canopies must be clear of any objects under and overhanging power lines/tree branches before delivery staff arrives for setup.
-Sprinkler systems must be turned OFF if Dance floor or canopy is placed on grass
- Full payment must be made before 6pm on two days prior to the event.
- If payment is not made before the delivery date your order will be considered a canceled order and will not be delivered
*please check cancelation policy above*
- Checks are not accepted.
Please contact our office if there are any steps or stairs to get to your setup location. Additional fees may apply.

Before Pickup
-ALL Tables and chairs must be stacked and folded in the same place as delivered. Teardown fees will automatically be charged for any tables and chairs still setup upon arrival for pickup. Charges will be as followed.
Table Teardown service $1.00
Chair Teardown Service $.50
Picking up trash off tables $Price varies

-All linens must be clear of any debris and left over food and placed in a bag or box. DO NOT place wet linen in bags as they can form mildew and you will be billed for damages.
-to avoid additional fees please avoid putting melted wax, and other hot items on our linens and rentals
-All dinnerware and concessions must be rinsed out and free of any stuck on food or debris. All dinnerware is subject to a $.25 cleaning fee per item if not rinsed out prior to pickup.
-All decorations must be taken off Canopies and Tents before arrival for pickup.
-do not place heaters in any canopies as they can be a fire risk and can damage the rentals
- draped canopies, draped side walls, back drops, or any other draping material cannot be wet by sprinklers, alcohol, drinks, food, animal urine, etc.
- If the draped material cannot be used for future clients the client will be billed for damage to the material

Securing Canopies
- canopies on cement will be tied down with water barrels, please double check the setup surface is correct on the order. If setup is changed and our crew cannot properly secure the canopy, the canopy will not be set up, or our crew will have to return at a later time withe the materials to secure the canopy and an additional fee will apply.
- if set up is on grass, gravel, or dirt stakes will be used to secure the canopy. Any sprinkler lines have to be clearly marked before arrival and set up of canopy or canopies. If sprinkler lines or any underground piping is not properly marked before our crew begins to hammer in stakes EPR Events is not responsible for any damage done to property, or underground piping.
In the event of extreme weather (Heavy rain, high wind, etc.,) EPR Events has the right to cancel your order with no refund (Linen orders excluded). If rentals are left during bad weather lessee is liable for any damages that may happen to rental equipment, personal property, or injuries to customer or customers' guests.
- due to weather delivery dates might be pushed to the morning off and the pickup might be the night of the event if this is the case our office will notify you with the delivery/pickup times
-In the event of high wind we may cancel your tent as a safety precaution to avoid injury to your guests, our staff and damage to the property.
- if your rental equipment is canceled due to the weather the deposit will not be returned please make sure to check all weather and weather alerts before placing an order
- please note canopies are not shelters and should be avoided during high winds
- If rentals are left during bad weather, client is responsible for any damage that may accrue to rental equipment, personal property, or injuries to persons

Please call our office if booking within 2 days. 
(951) 751-5246
Non-refundable Deposit required to book rentals
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